What is a GP network?

GP networks go by many names: federations, networks, collaborations, joint ventures or alliances. They describe multiple practices coming together in some form of collaboration in order to work at a greater scale: be it to share costs and resources, or as a vehicle to bid for enhanced services contracts.

They are very common and are increasingly being viewed as a vital part of the future of general practice.

What is the difference between the network and the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)?

CCGs are clinically-led, statutory NHS bodies responsible for the planning and commissioning of health care services for their local area. Although CCGs are GP led, the CCGs themselves are not providers of healthcare services.

In contrast, the network is an independent, limited company made up of GP practices who provide services paid for by CCGs and NHS England to patients.


Does the CCG own the network?

No. Leeds West Primary Care Network is a limited company, entirely independent of the CCG or any other statutory organisation. It is owned and managed by its member practices.


What benefits does the network offer to practices?

  • Collective strength through co-ordinated voice and action
  • A vehicle for bringing together the skills and knowledge of clinicians and managers
  • Opportunities to develop a wider range of community services, whilst making more effective use of resources
  • Opportunities for innovation and sharing best practice


What benefits does the network have for patients?

  • Improved access to primary care, including a wider range of tailored services
  • More choice and control
  • More services and specialist knowledge available closer to home
  • Improved continuity of care through increasingly joined up services
  • Greater opportunities for patient involvement


How can I share ideas and suggestions with the network?

In the first instance, please get in touch with your locality lead GP, Nurse or Practice Manager listed here.

You can also share suggestions and ideas with the network at locality meetings and development sessions, or email lwpcn@nhs.net